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Hamburg, 15 August 2013 – EOS Consolidated, which has its headquarters in Hamburg, achieved a new high in fiscal year 2012/13. Its EBT was EUR 112.5 million compared with EUR 82.2 million in 2011/12. With sales of EUR 515.2 million, the international service provider for the management of receivables, liquidity and information far exceeded expectations.

EOS achieved sales growth in almost all regions; EOS Consolidated sales increased by a total of EUR 57.2 million (12.5%). Hans-Werner Scherer, CEO of the EOS Group, comments: “In recent years EOS has established a broad base in a large number of markets. We are able to balance out weak phases in one country with successes in others.” He adds: “In addition, we are focusing worldwide on the high quality of our services. And this strategy is paying dividends.”

Overview of key performance indicators:





Sales revenue (MEUR)












Employees (headcount)




Despite the globalisation and expansion strategy that the Group continued to pursue in 2012/13, Germany remains the most important regional market within EOS Consolidated with a 40.6 per cent share of the turnover. There have been positive developments in both receivables purchased and the collection rates for existing portfolios.

In Western Europe, EOS Consolidated could continue to grow primarily due to successful receivables purchases. In total, EOS Consolidated increased its sales in Western Europe by 7.1 per cent to EUR 103.5 million.

In Eastern Europe too, sales exceeded the previous year’s performance, increasing overall by 21.4 per cent to EUR 90.4 million. The EOS companies in Slovakia, Russia and Poland in particular contributed to this increase through high levels of investment and good results in the receivables purchasing sector.

In America too, EOS Consolidated was able to up its turnover. In North America, EOS achieved sales of EUR 65.5 million in 2012/2013 (EUR 52 million in 2011/12). In addition, the Canadian company acquired by EOS in October 2011 contributed to the substantial increase in revenue. In the Brazilian market, EOS Consolidated achieved the greatest growth: The region’s year-round results were included in the consolidated accounts for the first time and posted sales of EUR 45.4 million.

For more information, please refer to the current issue of our annual publication 'EOS Insights'.



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