EOS Canada specializes in innovative customer care and receivables management

Customized solutions for highest satisfaction level

Innovative customer care programs from EOS Canada build high quality and long-lasting relationships between you and your customers. Our professional staff provides best-in-class customer communication to ensure the highest level of satisfaction. We specialize in customer inquiries, retention and win-back programs and welcome calls. EOS Canada has redundancy in place for all of our communication channels to keep you connected to your customers at all times.

EOS Canada’s total receivables management solutions use analytics coupled with reliable customer location and financial information to assess risk and identify opportunity. This, combined with sophisticated data and telephony platforms, allows EOS Canada to reduce defaults and customer churn. We offer a variety of communication and payment options including online, IVR and, of course, service and collection specialists. EOS Canada’s wide range of solutions will maximize your customer’s level of satisfaction and your cash flows throughout the receivables timeline.

This is all done in a secure and complaint-free operating environment. For customer-driven organisations, EOS Canada is your single-source solution for innovative customer care and enhanced revenue cycle performance.

For more information on how EOS Canada can help your company with its customer care and accounts receivables services, contact us at sales@eos-canada.com

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