Communications companies rely on EOS Canada

EOS Canada provides third-party services for national and regional telecommunications companies at all assignment levels and for a variety of product lines.

As the telecommunications industry has grown, existing staff has had to cope with the steadily increasing volume of customer requests. The complexity of the business is not just up front in products and services, but in the back office, too.

A partner that understands your challenges

EOS Canada understands the challenge of remaining competitive and managing resources to comply with changing regulations without losing your focus on core competencies. You can rely on our team to design the right solution for your customer care and receivables management.

EOS Canada goals

We give you excellent service in pursuit of our goals to
  • maximize your net return and accelerate cash flow;
  • reduce customer delinquencies and risk;
  • maintain the highest customer care standards;
  • increase customer retention and reduce customer churn;
  • deliver exceptional, personalized client service;
  • reduce your operating expenses;
  • provide ethical and professional leadership, and
  • serve the communities in which we live and work.

EOS Canada Services

EOS Canada's Communications Division provide services in the following areas:
  • first-party customer care and early intervention;
  • first- and third-party pre-collect and early-stage receivables management;
  • third-party receivables management: primary, secondary, tertiary, and warehousing;
  • portfolio purchases;
  • analytics, score and score migration services;
  • financial and location attributes, triggers, watch products and programs, and
  • other customized skip, legal and notification programs.

For more information on how EOS Canada can help your communications company with its customer care and accounts receivables services, contact us at

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