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Hamburg, 15 August 2013 – EOS Consolidated, which has its headquarters in Hamburg, achieved a new high in fiscal year 2012/13. Its EBT was EUR 112.5 million compared with EUR 82.2 million in 2011/12. With sales of EUR 515.2 million, the international service provider for the management of receivables, liquidity and information far exceeded expectations.

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Unreliable customers cause difficulties for European companies
European companies are feeling the effects of poor payment practices | In Spain and Greece, customers are paying more punctually than in 2012 |Germany imposes the shortest payment terms |Economic situation is main reason for late payments

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Hamburg, Germany - The EOS Group has acquired debt collection company SAF Forderungsmanagement from Deutsche Telekom, with the deal completed on 1 April 2013. Based in Heidelberg, the company is one of the best-known debt collection companies in Germany.

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Hamburg/Madrid – EOS Group has acquired the debt collection unit for the collection of Spanish Banco Popular’s receivables with payment irregularities. Both parties agreed on a purchasing price of 135 million euros.

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